Getting Geared Up For Heroic Dungeons

 Mists of Pandaria Heroic Dungeons

Acquiring Gear For Heroic Dungeons In Mists of Pandaria

Players who’re looking to get their characters geared up for raiding are definitely going to want to run a few heroic dungeons. Players are going to need the right equipment though in order use the Dungeon Finder tool to group up or to even teleport to a dungeon.

All gear that can be acquired in World of Warcraft has a unique item level which will indicate the quality of the item. When first exploring the Pandaria continent players will complete quests that offer an item level of 372 and upwards.

For players to be able to participate in Heroic dungeons they’re going to need gear with at least a 400 item level to be able to use the dungeon finder tool and group up to take on a heroic dungeon.

There are a number of different ways in which players can acquire gear and players will need to be versatile and mix-up the strategies to get all their gear upgraded. Players that run the non heroic dungeons will earn level 440 items along with Justice points which can also be spent on upgrading gear.

A lot of dungeon bosses will drop random loots, meaning there’s no guarantee the loot will be in your favor but Justice points are great for getting your hands on certain gear needed to run the heroic dungeons that may not have dropped yet.

Gear purchased with Justice points has an item level of 450 and can be purchased from any of the vendors of the Mists of Pandaria factions. In order for players to be able to purchase gear with Justice points they’ll need to have reached Honored status with that particular faction.

Players pursuing this strategy will also want to earn Honored status with several of the Mists of Pandaria factions as each faction offers unique gear, for instance; shoulder equipment can be bought from the Golden Lotus faction whilst the Klaxxi faction sell necklaces.

There’s also a new type of dungeon introduced in the Mists of Pandaria expansion known as scenarios which will also reward players Justice points and Valor points which can buy even better gear from the various factions in Mists of Pandaria.

Valor points are rewarded for the first random scenario that a player completes on a daily basis. The following scenarios completed will then offer players Justice  points which still can be used to purchase gear for Heroic dungeons as described above.

Another strategy is for players to create their own gear required for heroic dungeons by simply using one of the available crafting professions including, Leatherworking and the Blacksmithing professions.

Gear Spec’s For Heroic Dungeons

Heroic Dungeons GearPlayers getting geared up for heroic dungeons also need to pay attention to stats of gear! The stats of certain types of gear aren’t going to be completely optimal for specific instance and spec.

An example of this could be that a particular item has lots of haste but the player may require a spec of mastery or critical strike rating. Players that need gear spec’d in this way can have them reforged by an Arcane Reforger.

Unfortunately, primary stats such as intelligence, agility, or strength can’t be reforged!

Another strategy for increasing specific spec’s on gear is by enchanting them, a well leveled enchanter can add some nice stat boosts to just about any piece of gear in the game. A couple of the slots like the legs and shoulder gear will have to be enhanced by other crafters.

You can also augment certain pieces of gear by filling the sockets with Jewery. Jewelcrafters can add stat boosts to gear by crafting various jewels which provide specific enhancements. Red Gems for example are used to increase a players Agility, Intellect, or Strength.

Wrapping It Up

Getting a character geared up and ready to take on the heroic dungeons can take time with players having to run dungeons and scenarios on a regular basis to acuire new gear and Justice/ Valor points to acquire new gear.

Having gear enchanted, gemmed and also reforged will give players to best possible stats to make there journey into heroic dungeons more manageable and a lot easier.

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