New Mists of Pandaria Hunter Pets Guide

Mists of Pandaria Hunter Pets

If you’ve ever leveled a the Hunter class since the classic version of World of Warcraft you’ll understand the importance of having a strong pet which you can summon!

The new Mists of Pandaria expansion has not only seen a whole new pet battling system added to the game but the Hunter now has a range of new pets, each with new special abilities.

As the closed beta to Mists of Pandaria starts to unfold the biggest question among the Hunters is what new pets will be added to the game and what special abilities will they be equipped with..

Although we are still in beta their are currently an additional 6 tameable pets being added for the Hunter class with 2 of the 6 pets being “exotic”.

If you still prefer to spec the beast mastery talent tree then you’ll certainly want to keep close tabs on proposed changes regarding the Hunters pets.

The 6 proposed Mists of Pandaria Hunter Pets

mists of pandaria hunter pets guidePorcupine

Special Ability: Paralyzing Quill

The Porcupine’s special ability is the Paralyzing Quill which is a nice AoE ability that will paralyze all players affected for a 2 second period

mists of pandaria hunter petsGoat

Special Ability: Trample

The Goats special ability is Trample whereby the goat will create a dust cloud  which will reduce melee and ranged attack speeds by 20% for 30 seconds

mists of pandaria hunter petsCrane

Special Ability: Lullaby

Bonus Ability: Trick

Crane’s can be found along Pandaria’s riversides and possess quite a unique ability called the Lullaby which sends your enemy to sleep for 1-4 seconds.

mists of pandaria hunter petsBasilisk

Special Ability: Petrifying Gaze

The Basilisk have been a part of World of Warcraft since the classic version! The Basilisks special ability is the Petrifying Gaze which will turn the Hunters target to stone for a 3 second period completely immobilizing them!

mists of pandaria hunter petsWater Strider


The Water Strider is the first of the two exotic pets. To obtain the Water Strider will require that you spec from Beast Mastery!

The Water Strider has 2 special abilities:

Special Ability 1: Still Water

Still Water: The Still Water ability is great for group instances as it infuses fellow group members with still water which will increase their spell power by 10% and critical strike chance by 5%.

Special Ability 2: Surface Trot

Surface Trot: The Surface Trot ability really is unique as it gives the hunter the ability to walk across water for 10 mins with the Water Strider!

mists of pandaria hunter petsQuillen


The Quillen is the second of the two exotic pets which are much rarer than the Water Strider and can only be spotted in the Wandering Isle.

Like the Water Strider the Quillen possesses 2 abilities:

Special Ability 1: Eternal Guardian

Eternal Guardian: The Eternal Guardian ability can resurrect a dead target, much like Battle Rez, with 20% health and mana.

Special Ability 2: Fearless Roar

Fearless Roar: The Fearless Roar ability is a nice buff which will give all group members a critical strike chance boost of 5%.

To wrap up my beta review of the Mists of Pandaria Hunter pets guide I would say that the Hunter definitely has some awesome pets in the pipeline with the possibility of more being added or the current ones being improved upon before beta ends!

You may have heard rumors flying around of the Spirit Beast pet for the Hunter although beta so far can neither confirm or deny this!

So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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