Mists of Pandaria Pet Battle System

Mists of Pandaria Pet Battle System

Up until the new Mists of Pandaria expansion players were always granted pets for companions which really served no purpose other than to accompany the player throughout the game.

However the new Mists of Pandaria expansion has seen a major overhaul in the way players now use these pets, they no longer just accompany a player throughout the game!

The new Mists of Pandaria pet battle system means that players can now gather and/ or earn pets, level them up, gain new abilities for their pets. More importantly though their pets can now be used to battle either creatures in the wild in order to capture them or pit them against other players pets in battle!

Kind of reminds me of a spin off the pokemon pet battling system!

Mists of Pandaria Pet Battle System Guide


In order to get started with the new Mists of Pandaria pet battle system you’ll first need to locate and speak to one of the pet battle trainers located throughout Azeroth.

Players fighting for the Horde faction will be able to find pet trainer Varzok centrally located in Origimmar (Varzok will be found close to the flight path).

In the instance that you don’t yet possess a flying mount, you’ll be required to reach Varzok by elevator which is super easy to locate and board.

Players fighting for the Alliance faction players can locate pet trainer Audrey Burnhep, Audrey can be foundin Stormwind City on the outskirts of the Dwarven district (Audrey will be located around the Cataclysm portal zones).

Once you’ve located your pet battle trainer you’ll be able to unlock the new Mists of Pandaria pet battling system at a cost of 80 gold (this is subject to change as Blizzard experiment, as it was previously 100 gold).

Your pet battle trainer is going to provide you with a few quests to get you up to speed with the pet battle system which will involve some pretty straight forward tasks of battling wild pets.

This can be a little boring but it’s merely to get you used to the new pet battle system, ready to venture around Azeroth and battle some of the more experienced pet tamers and battlers!

Mists of Pandaria Pet Battle SystemAssuming you’ve located, spoken to your trainer and handed over your hard earned gold you’ll have unlocked the pet battle system.

Now you can open up your pets and mounts tab where you’ll be able to select the “pet journal” tab and identify which pets you currently have in your inventory.

Although you’ll have few pets to start you’ll soon start accumulating and leveling your pets as well as gain new abilities for them as you begin to do pet battles. There are currently over 500 pets to battle with so getting started collecting pets wont present to much of a problem.

It’s also worth noting that the pets will be binded to your battle.net account therefore if one of your characters captures a certain pet it will be made available to all the characters you own under that particular account.

A lot of World of Warcraft players will already have accumulated a variety of pets of companion pets, however only one pet can chosen for battle under any one instance.

It works by assigning a pet to your pet battle slot which will make that pet readily available whenever a pet battle has been initiated. To begin with you’ll only get one pet slot meaning you only have the ability to battle one of your pets at any one time.

As you complete quests though and participate in more pet battles you’ll eventually unlock another two pet slots. What’s cool about this is that you’ll be able to alternate between the three chosen pets you have placed in your pet battle slots.

Identifying and Capturing New Pets

Mists of Pandaria Pet Battle SystemIdentifying critters in Azeroth that can be battled is easy as they’ll oftentimes have a bright green paw-like symbol hovering over them. Any critter with the green paw symbol can be battled against.

You can literally locate new critters to tame all throughout Azeroth once you’ve unlocked the new Mists of Pandaria pet battle system.

Once you’ve defeated the creature you can capture it and add it to your growing collection of pets.

The secret to taming the creatures in the wild is to attack it until you’ve reduced it’s health to to under 35%. Once it’s health is below 35% you’ll use your trap ability which will capture the creature in a cage.

This will then add the creature to your “pet journal” where it can then be assigned to a pet battle slot should you choose to use it for pet battles.

Battling Pets, Abilities & Healing

Mists of Pandaria Pet Battle System BlizzconEach new pet you capture will start with just one ability and you’ll need to battle your new pets in order to level them up and gain new abilities for them making them stronger.

Much like a characters abilities your battle pets abilities will be displayed on the action bar where you can select which ability to cast next.

Pet battles work by each pet taking it in turn to attack the other so when it’s your pets turn to attack you’ll simply assign an ability for your battle pet to use (kinda boring I know)..

One thing to look out for when battling your pets is the damage they take, when your pets take damage in a pet battle they’ll be in a weakened state for their next battle.

Each player has an ability called Revive Battle Pets which grants you the ability to both heal and resurrect your pets. The Revive Battle Pets ability has a limit whereby it can only be used once in every 8 minute time-frame.

So you’ll want to battle carefully otherwise you could lose a lot of time waiting for your Revive Battle Pets ability to refresh.

Another option for healing and reviving your pets is to visit the the Stable Masters but you’ll have to suffer a fee in exchange for the stable master to heal or revive your battle pet.

Battling Pets With Other Players

Mists of Pandaria Pet Battle SystemThis is what the new Mists of Pandaria pet battle system all boils down to!

Once you’re familiar with the pet battle system and tamed a few wild creatures you’ll be aiming for bigger rewards.

There are no shortage of pet tamers to be found that all vary in strength.

Defeating other pet tamers in pet battles offers some achievements as well as the chance to capture some of the rarer pets to be found in the game.

The real objective though is to pit your pets against other players in Player vs Player pet battle. Finding players to battle with is easy as Blizzard included a “Find Battle” tab in every players pet journal.

Leveling Up Your WoW Battle Pets

Mists of Pandaria Pet Battle System

Once you have received your training in one of the starting zones as described above you will be able to use the pet tracking ability to find some nearby pets which you can battle your pet against.

The pets you’ll be battling in and around the starting zones will more than likely be level one or maybe two so defeating them will be a piece of cake and will get you off to a good start.

You’ll want to focus on actually killing the pets you battle at first instead of capturing them as this will allow you to level up your first pet quickly. Once you’ve gained momentum and leveled your first pet you can start battling wild pets with the intention of capturing them.

Remember you’ll be assigned more battle pet slots as you level up so you’ll want to level new battle pets you capture as well or even assign additional companion pets to your slots.

Leveling Pets As You Progress Through The Zones

As you level up you’ll want to acquire new pets that are close to your level, although this may seem challenging at first it’s actually pretty straight forward if you keep track of the zones you leveled in.

As you progress new zones will present new and higher leveled pets for you to battle your pet against. You’ll find that Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor are going to progress as one would expect and you shouldn’t have any problems leveling your battle pet to at least level 15.

As you progress from Mount Hyjal and Twilight Highlands into the Outlands you should be able to level your battle pet a few more levels without to much difficulty.

The Outlands progresses quite slowly, similar to that of the Hellfire Peninsula where you’ll battle against some of the medium ranged pets of roughly lvl 17-18, progressing into the Northrend where you’ll encounter some of the more high end pets are generally level 20+.

Northrend offers a pretty stable zone for new pets with each pet being in the level 20-22 region throughout the entire zone. As you progress from Northrend you’ll enter into Pandaria where you can finally reach the last few levels and cap out at 25.

Using Pet Families To Your Advantage

Pet families is something you’re going to want to pay attention to as well, basically understanding the difference between different types of pets for different battle scenarios.

Knowing which of your pets will be the strongest against your rivals will ensure you win more pet battles even in cases where you’re battling a pet that’s stronger than your pet.

Although many players will initially write pet battles off as a pokemon spin off, you’ll find that it’s actually quite strategic once you reach higher levels. You’ll want to have a good understanding of your pets strengths in order to level them up quickly and ready to start dominating other players in pet battles.

Wrapping It Up

The Mists of Pandaria pet battle system is a nice little extra to the game and although sounds rather tedious and boring (which it is to start), as you progress you’ll need to work some strategies in order to win battles and collect those elusive pets.

Some players may little attention to the new pet battle system whereas others might take pride in collecting pets and showing off their collection.

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