Which Is The Easiest Class To Level In WoW

Which Is The Easiest Class To Level In WoW Р3 Best Leveling Classes!

Easiest Class To Level In WoWThere was a time where I would have said the easiest class to level in WoW is the Warlock class. The Warlocks are my favorite class to play though and I have leveled an Affliction + Demonology Warlock with a Destruction Warlock build in process so it’s probably unfair to base my judgement on my experience with the Warlock class!

However I would say that Hunters are the best class for leveling up the easiest and quickest in World of Warcraft based on my experience and statistics. The first ever character I played in World of Warcraft was actually an Alliance Night Elf Hunter..

My first and foremost reasoning for believing that the Hunters the easiest class to level in WoW is that Blizzard held a leveling contest some time ago and the Hunters class was the winner!

Secondly the Hunter has the Beast Mastery talent tree which really is the key to power leveling in World of Warcraft when solo-questing with the Hunter. The Beast Mastery tree makes it almost effortless to level up fast as the Hunters pet will be a killing machine and make for a great tank.

Combining the Beast Mastery build with that of the Hunters ranged weaponry means the Hunter can sit back send in the pet and pick off the mobs one by one with their ranged weaponry and can even set to auto fire making the Hunter class the easiest class to level in WoW.

Aside from the Hunter class, the Warlocks and Rogues are also good choices when choosing a class for quickly leveling in WoW. However the Warlock and Rogue class isn’t quite as set and forget as the Hunter class and will require a little more skill and hands on play!

The 3 Easiest Class To Level In WoW

The Hunter Class

The Hunter class is the easiest class to level in wow due to ranged attacks and pets that extremely good tanks, keeping the enemy at bay while you pick them off with your long ranged weaponry!

You can continually increase the health, stamina and damage of your pet. As long as your pet can take aggro, It’s quite possible to take on mobs that are a much higher level and come out on top. The Hunter’s also equipped with speed increases on ranged attacks and has excellent ranged weapons skills.

Once you have reached level 10 with the Hunter class type, you can quite literally sit your pet on your target, activate your auto shot, and sit back and watch while the opposition dies. This process can be repeated all the way from level 10 through to level 80!

The Warlock Class

The Warlock is another great class for leveling easily in WOW. The warlock obtains its first pet early on in the game although this doesn’t provide much for leveling. Once the warlock obtains the voidwalker pet leveling up in the game becomes a whole lot easier.

Similar to the strategy deployed of the Hunter, simply sending your pet to tank your target while you deal out the damage. This will minimize the time spent resurrecting after lost battles which actually counts for a lot when looking for the easiest way to level in WoW.

The Rogue Class

The Rogue is another great choice for leveling quickly in wow. Unlike the Warlock and the Hunter, the Rogue spends less time fighting monsters due to “stealth walk”. The Rogue can complete missions efficiently without having to kill all the guards. Other classes would have to kill the guards to gain access to the desired locations on missions.

The Rogue will require some extra skill and patience to master but is a formidable opponent for any class or computer generated opponents making them not only great for PvE leveling instances but also PvP due to their brutal yet sneaky blows dealt to their opponents.

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