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————————————————————————————————————————– Class Type:  Tank, Healer, Ranged Magic Damage Dealer, Melee Damage Dealer ————————————————————————————————————————–
Alliance Races
:  Night Elfs, Worgens
Horde Races
:  Taurens, Trolls
:  Cloth, Leather
  Daggers, Fist Weapons, One-Handed Maces, Polearms, Relic, Staves, Two-Handed Maces

Mists of Pandaria Druid Guide

Druid GuideDruids are a great class to play in WoW. Firstly Druids are equipped with a various great powers that can be used in a variety of different ways.

Druids are of a hybrid class also known as “shape shifters” and can fill just about any role in the game whether it be a spell casting damage dealer, melee damage dealer, tank or even healer.

One slight drawback to the Druid is that they can only be played by 4 of the available the races; Night Elfs, Worgens, Taurens and Trolls.

The Druids possess the ability to transform into a Bear or Dire Bear which when deployed will increase both the Druids hit points and armor as well as give them some pretty cool tanking capabilities.

The Druid will acquire several abilities throughout the game that will allow for them to create a high amount of threat and are also capable of dealing out high amounts of damage, especially when compared to a Warrior tank for example.

As well as take on the form of the Bear and Dire Bear, the Druid also possesses the ability to take on Cat form. Dependant on your race, will mean a slight difference in the form you assume, for instance a Tauren will assume the form of a lion and Night Elf a Panther!

The cat form is special because the Druids attacks can be used with Energy and they’ll receive some decent damage abilities. The Druid doesn’t just fall into the Melee category either! They are capable of casting some great spells using Arcane and Nature based spells.

The Druid class also have four different talent specializations they can choose from whereas every other class has three specializations:

Druid Specializations & Talent Guide

Druid Guide Specializations

As you can see the Druid class can fill any role but what makes them even more unique is the fact that you can be very effective at Melee or Caster DPS or Healer. The Feral specialization will pave the way for a heavy hitting Druid that can rack up combos with some nifty finishing moves to annihilate their opponents.

The Balance specialization offers a completely different build and will focus on the Druids spell damage dealing abilities. This talent spec also offers the Moonkin which as Blizzard put it allows the Druid to destroy enemies at a distance with the balance of Arcane power and Nature magic.

Although I haven’t done a Druid Restoration build myself to evaluate for the purpose of this Druid guide, I know the restoration Druids are great Healers and have the most HoT spells available to them compared to any other class.

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Overall the Druid is a versatile class and one of the big advantages of playing the Druid is that you can alternate between builds without to much trouble especially under the new Mists of Pandaria expansion as you can remove and replace talents at will without the need to visit your talent trainer.

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