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Mists of Pandaria Shaman Guide

WoW Shaman GuideShamans are quite a unique class in World of Warcraft and it has to be said aren’t the easiest of classes to truly master.

If you’re into your damage dealing classes then the Shaman isn’t suited for that type of role as they are not that well designed for combat scenarios.

Instead the Shaman takes on a much more strategic role which relies less on physical force and concentrates on strategic game-play.

You’ll find that Shamans excel in group scenarios and can bring many different benefits to a group meaning the Shaman is definitely more suited for players who like to group up and tackle dungeons and raids as opposed to solo questing.

Shamans summon the elements of earth, air, fire and water and place totems to assist both their allies and to protect them in battle.

One aspect of the Shaman class that takes some planning is your use of mana, especially in mid-levels of the game!

Mana is the source of power for the Shaman class and you’ll need to learn to cast your spells effectively in order to preserve your mana and stop it from running out during battle!


Totems are a vital attribute belonging solely to the Shaman class!

It used to be that totems were used as buffs to not only buff the Shaman but also that of the Shamans party members

One totem was assigned to anyone of the elements at anyone time meaning you can place four different totems simultaneously under one global cool down.

Totems Will Not Provide Buffs Under The Mists of Pandaria Expansion!

One of the biggest changes the Shaman class has seen under the new Mists of Pandaria expansion is the use of totems for buffs.

Blizzard have revamped the Shaman class considerably and instead of using totems for buffs players will now use Aura effects to provide buffs!

I know it’s shocking but a good thing I think, let me explain further!

Basically now you’ll have several different auras based on your Shamans spec which will provide buffs for party members within range.

Although this is a new concept and hard to get your head around, I truly believe this is only going to benefit the Shaman class and that of their party members.

Please Note: Only the buff based totems will be affected under the new MoP expansion!

The other totems available to the Shaman will remain the same and will still be available to the Shaman. Basically it’s just the buffer totems that have seen a major overhaul.

Although MoP is still in beta at the time of writing this post the proposed Auras so far are as follows:

  • WoW Shaman GuideElemental Oath: Increased spell haste of 5%
  • Grace of Air: Provides a mastery boost
  • Burning Wrath: Increased spell power of 10%
  • Unleashed Rage: Increased melee and ranged attack speed of 10%

New Totems Under The Mists of Pandaria Expansion

The Shaman class have seen 2 new totems added to their arsenal in Mists of Pandaria:

Capacitor Totem: The Capacitor Totem is a decent totem that explodes stunning all opponents within range for a total of 5 seconds.

The Capacitor Totem can be acquired at level 63.

Stormlash Totem: The Stormlash Totem is a really cool totem that empowers group members with the power of lightning and will also provide additional lightning attack damage to their spells.

The Stormlash Totem can be gained at level 78.

Shamans In Combat

As stated the Shaman class aren’t designed for forceful combat and instead take a much more strategic approach placing totems to not only aid group members but to assist them in battle.

When it comes to close quarter combat the Shaman is all but redundant and a class such as the Rogue will literally slice and dice the Shaman within minutes.

That’s not to say that the Shaman can’t hold there own in the battlefield!

Far from it, a well played Shaman is a force to be reckoned with and hard to penetrate meaning the Melee fighting classes will struggle to get up close and personal with the Shaman.

Shaman Talent Guide

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Mists Of Pandaria Shaman Talent System

Credit For Shaman Guide Talents Video Goes To Osterberg501

Shaman Professions Guide

No matter what expansion Blizzard incorporate into the game the one aspect of the game that never really affects classes is professions and the best combo for tyhe Shaman in my opinion is the Herbalism and enchanting professions (although some may disagree with enchanting)!

Another favorite combo for the Shaman class are the Herbalism and alchemy professions which is also very effective for this particular class.

If you’re looking to make some nice piles of gold with your profession (who doesn’t) then I would go for the herbalism and enchanting combo.

Enchanting is a great profession that can rake in huge piles of gold once mastered and although essentially any class can pick the enchanting profession, only certain classes such as Warlock, Mage and Shaman truly benefit from the enchanting profession.

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