What’s The Fastest Way To Level In WoW?

Fastest Way To Level In WoW – 2 Killer Tips For Leveling Fast In WoW!

Dungeon Leveling

Fastest Way To Level In WoWThe first tip for leveling up fast in WoW is known as “Dungeon Leveling”. Now it has to be said that dungeon leveling requires some experience and can also be a little boring compared to just racing through quests to level up but in my opinion it’s the most effective method for leveling to 85 quickly.

The technique to Dungeon leveling basically involves running chains of dungeons with other players in the game. Since Blizzard incorporated the dungeon finder tool into their 3.3 patch update, it’s now easier than ever to dungeon level.

Your dungeon leveling strategy will differ greatly between different classes you play. The damage classes usually have to wait a lot longer for their dungeon group to form than the tanking and healing classes. So if you’re DPS or damage class it’s advisable to do a lot of professions or quests whilst queuing. I personally always found the random option better, as queuing for a specific instance seems to take a lot longer!

Tanks are undoubtedly the best for dungeon leveling as they can pretty much form dungeon groups all day long due to high demand for tanks. Healers are another great class for dungeon leveling, although not as effective as tanks.

Dungeon Quests

Fastest Way To Level In WoWDungeon quests are a a vital factor for leveling up fast in wow, yet can often be overlooked! Dungeon quests can earn you twice as much experience as solo quests as they are considered more difficult.

Although every single Dungeon in wow has quests to offer, some are only available to the Alliance and some are only available to the Horde characters.

Whenever your power leveling your way through a Dungeon, you should always complete quests. The World Of Warcraft XP and leveling system is primarily based around quests, and dungeon quests will boost you even more when your power leveling through the dungeons.

There’s a slight problem with dungeon leveling and that’s that they can be hard to navigate, especially as Blizzard never deemed it necessary to build maps for the lower level dungeons which can be really frustrating to navigate for novice and even advanced players.

Dungeon leveling can take you all around the WoW map, and trying to figure out where the quest pickups are for each dungeon can take a lot of work.

For those who are serious about dungeon leveling their character, there is now a dungeon leveling guide created called Zygor’s Dungeon Leveling Guide.

I have brought a few guides and in game add-ons in my day and this is one of the best to date. Pretty much everything about dungeon leveling is covered in this guide, knowing where to go to find quests and where to return can be really handy.

Instance leveling is the fastest way to level in WoW in a lot less time and with less effort, especially compared to the days when WoW was still growing in its infancy!

CLICK HERE For The Zygor Dungeon & Loremaster Leveling Guide

Solo Questing!

Fastest Way To Level in WoWThe second fastest way to level in WoW is to complete as many quests with as much efficiency as possible. Of course rounding up some XP in the early levels through kills can also help. But you should primarily focus on gathering quests and completing them, especially those nice quests with lots of XP.

If you’re really serious about leveling fast in WoW using questing then there’s an addon called Carbonite which I would recommend or better yet Zygors Guide.

Tips For Quest Leveling

  •  Know The Objective Of The Quest – One of the biggest mistakes people make is accepting a quest and then wandering around aimlessly. Once you accept a quest check the map for location and check the purpose of the quest so your prepared.
  • Coordinated Planning – If you have several quests in your queue (which you should have) then it makes sense to plan the quests accordingly so your creating the shortest possible distances between each quest (huge time saver!)
  • Limiting Quests – Being more specific about the quests you participate in will undoubtedly help you level as some quests will not offer that much benefit.
  • Avoid Enemy Contact – During quests and more importantly when roaming Azeroth traveling between quests try to avoid confrontations with mobs or any enemies this saves a huge amount of time.The Rogue class are particularly useful for this purpose as they have the Stealth ability.
  • Selective Killing – It goes without saying that not all enemies will yield the same amount of XP. It’s therefore wise to kill the mobs that are equal to your level or perhaps a couple of levels lower. the longer you’re active in the game per given session you’re awarded less and less XP from your kills, so make sure to use your fresh kills in each session to kill mobs that will yield the highest amount of XP.
  • Shortcut Keys – This one can take a little getting used to but assigning shortcut keys to your keyboard can be a huge time saver, this will also aide you in becoming more skilled at PVP.


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